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Carpet Diem

Hello, Carpet Diem welcomes you!

We want to invite you to our Rug world, inspired in happiness, love , and true friendship. That’s what really makes the world go around!Each rug we create is a small piece of ourselves and we would love to share it with you.
Since 2003 , when we began to design our rugs we started to be more and more involved with our work. This fascinating handicraft product led us to a new creative level. The color intoxication, the obsession by patterns, the sincerity of the wool allowed us to found our way.
From last year, we’ve decided to produce our collections in India where the carpet industry is fabulous and millions live from it.
We found out that their ability in this hand work is extraordinary and together amazing rugs are being produced with less cost. Directly from the factory to your home ,shopping online, we can make sure that you do not have to pay a lot of money to have a wonderful designed rug. Genial!
Assuring that our rugs are child labor free was a priority and watching these kids playing football in school’s backyard is really rewarding.
Finally we are certain that the beauty of the atmosphere a carpet diem rug brings to your home will fulfill your mind and soul.
This is our journey and it ends in your house .Thank for letting us in!


Small history

It was the year 2003, as we searched the portuguese market for rugs of contemporary design to decorate our own different homes we soon realised that the only models available on the market were of foreign brands and extremely expensive.
The idea to design our own rugs took shape.
We would do so according to our own preference and taste and have them made at one of the two factories that existed in Portugal at the time and who produced mainly for the Northern European markets.
Soon we were undertaking projects for architects, designers and interior decorating galleries.
These were mostly exclusif pieces of our own design.
Our design choices proved to be a success.
We were thrilled to find that our rug collections made a difference and that we had succeeded at shaping a business for those who believe that a rug, a very special rug, can be the starting point from which to create an exceptional atmosphere.
Encouraged by our growing success we established our online shop.
And so Carpet Diem became available to all.
One of our main objectives was to see good design of top quality at accessible prices.
As the company expanded so did our need for larger storage capacity in order to insure a speedy answer to an ever growing demand.
That posed a serious challenge and the decision followed naturally to move the production to India where the manpower in this field is highly specialized.
Having reached this stage we could concentrate on the Creative process as it increasingly took center stage.
The result has brought Carpet Diem wide International recognition and a strong position among top portuguese brands.
Our design has often graced the front cover of the major publications in the field of Interior Design and countless articles have been written to celebrate our unique style.
Inspiration for our designs is drawn from our own personal observation and interpretation of everything around us including present day trends wether it be fashion or the visual arts in particular.
Art influences our state of mind and our sensibilities and will inevitably be reflected in our work.
As references we draw from inspiring artists as Vasarely, Pucci, or Sonia Delaunay as well as the major names of Nordic design of the 60's and 70's such as Warren Platner or Arne Jacobsen to name but a few.
As such we regard our style as Contemporary/Revivalist as it reflects the best of the present and the most exceptional of the recent past.
All our collections are created in Pure Wool and are declined in every Color of the spectrum and executed by highly trained artisans.
When we are asked who is Carpet Diem's ideal client our answer is simple:
The one who falls in love with our design. That is the person we are creating for.

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